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Get Ready to Roll

If you're a movie maverick with a mind of your own, check out How to Make Your Movie: An Interactive Film School. It's a three-CD-ROM set of indie filmmaking know-how that shows you just about every- thing you need to know to create a reel impact.

Written, directed, and produced by Rajko Grlic in collaboration with Ohio University and Electronic Vision, this collection translates film jargon into mainstream vernacular and shows you how to move your story idea, step by step, to final cut.

The guide is set in a virtual film school so packed with film facts that even the bathroom graffiti explains film's fundamental persis- tence of vision theory. Try hands-on exercises in the lighting studio and in the editing and sound-mixing rooms; equipment that's never checked out makes this a film student's utopia. And did I mention that Walter Murch (The Godfather, Apocalypse Now) teaches the editing course? In fact, many of nation's best professionals and educators speak from QuickTime pulpits to help navigate the theories and techniques behind making and marketing your film. The package also includes a detailed production notebook, crucial for understanding schedules, budgets, and script-breakdown. Though the rigorous training takes about three months to complete, hang tough and you'll receive a glass of champagne, along with a diploma in the screeningroom - but, mind, only after you've completed every exercise and opened every file.

A drawback for some may be the school's focus on narrative film; updates for the equipment-manual library may also be necessary (presently, the sound-equipment binder excludes mention of the DAT recorder or the new hard disk Nagra). Yet the valuable information here will undoubtedly serve as a mighty reference for filmmakers of all levels. With your newfound movie knowledge and the best and the brightest as your guides, you'll be ready to roll — all you need now is cash.

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