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New York Times, Wired, Cosmopolitan/Croatia,
Video Systems,
Computer Credible,
Chronicle of Higher Education,
AV Video Producer,
TimeOut/New York, Res, Playboy/Croatia

Public Presentations
Film Festivals and other events where How To Make Your Movie has been screened for audiences.

Response from Filmmakers and Educators:

"Film school in a jewel box. No kidding. Deftly arranged as a point-and-click adventure game, this is the most intelligently realized, most informative multimedia production I have ever experienced."
Hal Barwood
LucasArts Entertainment
Filmmaker, Game Builder

"The best, most complete and innovative guide I have ever seen, in any format. Endlessly informative and amusing. I would highly recommend it for students and professionals alike."
Walter Murch, Editor and Sound Designer,
3-time Oscar® winner (The English Patient,
Apocalypse Now)

"This CD-ROM is a brilliant way to learn filmmaking because it allows you to practice without spending a fortune."
Robert Nickson, Independent Producer,
Professor of Film, NYU Tisch School
of Art, New York, USA

"How to Make Your Movie: An Interactive Film School is a great teaching tool..."
Gyula Gazdag, Director,
Vice Chair of Production
UCLA Film and Television Dept.,
Los Angeles, USA

"It just blew me away!"
Larry Elin, Assistant Professor,
Television, Radio, and Film Dept.,
Syracuse University, USA

"This CD will drastically transform the shape of film teaching because it takes the frustration out of film learning."
Dan Muggia, Professor of Film
Jerusalem Film School, Israel

"The best program about filmmaking I have seen so far... A wonderful work, full of intelligence and professional knowledge. Full of humor and irony..."
Reinhard Hauff, Director and Chair,
Deutsche Film Und Fernsehakademie,
Berlin, Germany

"If there were an Oscar for interactive CD-ROM's, this would be nominated for Best Script, Best Creativity, Best Humor, Best Design. And it would certainly win all four categories... It is not only an excellent tool, but its entertaining style makes it the most original of its kind."
Dr. Gyorgy Karpati, Director
Hungarian Film School, Budapest, Hungary

"It's the most ‘human' CD-ROM I've ever seen."
Peter Scarlet, Artistic Director
San Francisco International Film Festival


New York Festivals
Grand Award, Best of Show

New York Festivals:
Two Gold World Medals

New Media Magazine
InVision Award

CD-ROM Of The Year
PC-Chip Magazine

The Chris Award
Bronze, Education
The Cindy Award
Multimedia Competition
InCredible Award
Computer Credible Magazine