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Syllabus for a Film or Video Production Class

How To Make Your Movie – An Interactive Film School is designed to give an overall view of the entire filmmaking production process. It’s also a tool for instructors to run production classes or workshops for students ranging from Junior High School through College level.

Learning based on the student’s own projects
The main premise for teaching with this material is that the learning process centers around the student’s own work. Experience gained from many workshops and film schools around the world, undergraduate and graduate, tells us that students learn much faster and more clearly when each production step is learned and practiced while creating his or her own project.

This is why the information is organized as a step-by-step production journey through five rooms that present the five major steps of production: Research, Scriptwriting, Pre-production, Production, and Post-production. Instructor and students will find that the content is divided into three main categories:

1. “Pasta Paolo”
This is material from a production class project: a short narrative film entitled, Pasta Paolo. This film was created by faculty and students together, and their experiences at each step of production are noted for you to review. Along with the Pasta Paolo examples, there is advice on what to do at each step in the real-world situation of the student’s own project.

2. Visiting Professors
Posted on the walls of each room are topics written for How To Make Your Movie by some of the best filmmaking professionals and professors from around the world.

3. Recommended Reading
Short descriptions of recommended books will be found in each room.

Instructors: To prepare students for the production of their own projects, take them on a five-room journey, helping them through the video exercises in preparation for their own productions. It’s highly recommended that you as instructor first go through each room to make yourself familiar with the material.

Class Description
Students in this class will experience the complete production process as writer/producer/director of their own projects. Each will also gain experience as a crew member on the other class members’ films.

To learn the basic craft of film or video storytelling
To write, direct, and produce a short narrative film or video

Video Exercises
The students will use a video camera to research and prepare the their project in the same way that painters use a sketch book for note-taking and development.

During the class each student will shoot, edit and present in class eight video exercises, 2-5 minutes long. The goal and reason for each video exercise will be discussed in the class session prior to the session in which they will be presented.

Class Structure

PART 1: Research

PART 2: Script

PART 3: Pre-production

PART 4: Production

PART 5: Post-production



How To Make Your Movie
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