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PART 1: Research

This is the period of finding and collecting anything related to your story and characters. The goal is to focus students on the research process and advise them where and how to find material related to their projects. In the research period, instructors help students create a strong basis on which to build their stories.

During the Research period, there are two video exercises:

VIDEO EXERCISE 1: Video Camera As A Sketch Book
This exercise familiarizes the student with the camera and with material that will be edited at a later time.

Record no more than three to five minutes of everyday activities to be presented at the end of a week as a two-minute edited version using the best material.

VIDEO EXERCISE 2: Character Study
This exercise helps make abstract ideas about a story’s characters more tangible.

Record two different people for each character, in different spaces, and find connections between the character, the story and the space.

PART 1: Research

PART 2: Script

PART 3: Pre-production

PART 4: Production

PART 5: Post-production



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